Aging in Place

Many seniors and retirees choose to call Portland home because of our quality and way of life. But like all Portlanders, seniors are facing the reality of rising rents and property taxes - with some being forced to sell their homes and move out of the City. For Spencer, this is personal. Some in Spencer’s family are approaching retirement age and he worries about their ability to stay and live in a place they have called home for over 30 years.

So when it comes to helping seniors and retirees, affordability, independence, and health care are issues Spencer will address as the next Mayor of Portland.


  • Encourage mixed-use development along transit corridors with ample public transportation that provides seniors access to hospitals, parks, libraries, and grocery stores so they can have access to basic necessities and be engaged in the community.

  • Making the city safer by investing in age-friendly infrastructure such as crosswalks, sidewalks, elevators, ramps, and smart traffic control systems. We can also improve the quality of life for seniors by making sure road and street signs are readable, that parks are fairly flat and even topographically, and that places to rest, like benches, are provided.

  • Helping connect seniors to resources to help them develop accessory dwelling units (in-law apartments), which will offer seniors living on fixed incomes with an additional revenue source, while also solving our housing shortage.

  • Balancing our needs for school funding, public works, and economic development while managing our city budget sustainably and easing the property tax burden.