Climate Change

Rising sea levels, record heat and extreme cold threaten the quality and way of life of every Portland resident. We need action on climate change to ensure our city is protected and resilient against the negative impacts climate change has on our fishing industries, tourism, the working waterfront, and water systems.


Shifting away from plastics and fossil fuels:

  • Making sure the City leads by example by having our municipal operations adopt clean energy solutions and alternatives.

  • Entering into a Power Purchase Agreement to aid the City in its effort to transition to clean renewable energy.

  • Implementing METRO’s transition to all electric busses at a rate of 2 busses per year. 

  • Shifting away from plastic trash bags to trash bins.

Encouraging public-private partnerships and sustainable development:

  • Require developments to incorporate designs that are resilient to flooding and rising sea levels.

  • Incentivize the reduction or conversion of impervious and gray surfaces to alternatives like green infrastructure that reduces stormwater runoff and retains water.

  • Incentivize developers to use local suppliers and building materials to condense the supply chain and reduce embodied emissions of developments.

  • Provide exceptions and exploring ways to balance historic preservation with the need for clean renewable energy and energy efficient buildings.

Thinking long-term and regionally:

  • Reduce the harmful effects of urban sprawl by incentivizing density and connectivity.

  • Support PCAT’s Idle Free campaign with an investment of $5,000 to 10,000 to create signs to be displayed at Schools, City Parks, and high idle areas.