Spencer has a proven track record of collaborating and working with his Council colleagues, city staff, and community members to get things done. That’s why he has received the endorsements of current and former city councilors, former and current state legislators, and a broad range of community leaders.


HON. DAVID BRENERMAN, Former District 5 Councilor and Mayor

“Since Portland changed to a full-time mayor system, we have elected two mayors who were not from the City Council and had no experience at City Hall. It's time to elect a mayor from the City Council. Someone who knows how to work with the Council and the City Manager to get things done for the taxpayers, renters, and businesses of our great city. Spencer Thibodeau is that person.”


NICK MAVODONES, At-Large City Councilor

“Spencer... over the past four years has proved himself. He's energetic. He's smart. He has a high level of emotional intelligence. And approaches public service with an incredibly positive attitude. Spencer always assumes good intentions, builds trust, and builds working relationships. I believe Spencer Thibodeau is the obvious choice to be Portland's next mayor."


JILL DUSON, At-Large City Councilor

“Spencer is the best candidate running this November. Leading this city is a unique challenge. The Mayor has to consider the entire city and work on a broad range of issues, from property tax relief and climate change to immigration. Spencer knows these complexities and he has worked directly on a broad range of issues, from city budgets to chairing the Sustainability and Transportation Committee. He comes with the skills necessary to chair and lead the City Council.”


BELINDA RAY, City Councilor (District 1)

“Spencer Thibodeau will make a tremendous Mayor for the City of Portland... Spencer is a collaborator and a listener. And those are two things that a lot of people promise when they run for office... Spencer doesn't have to make that promise because he has demonstrated over the last four years that he excels at both.”


BRIAN BATSON, City Councilor (District 3)

“Spencer brings representatives together, he brings thoughtful solutions to the table, asks thoughtful questions to help find creative solutions. He is the epitome of a leader. That is what the council desperately needs from the mayoral role - leadership. He is so clearly the person for the job.”


JUSTIN COSTA, City Councilor (District 4)

“We have seen... a Mayor that is driven by divisiveness, by dishonesty, and by division. We cannot afford four more years of that kind of leadership in our city... It is time for Portland to have a mayor that we don't have to take a leap of faith on. We don't have to wonder whether Spencer Thibodeau will be able to work with all of us on the Council. We are doing it right now.”


HON. ANNE HASKELL, Former State Senator for Portland and Deering Center Resident

“Spencer Thibodeau is ready to be Portland's next Mayor. Throughout his four years on the Council, I have witnessed Spencer work collaboratively with his colleagues, City Staff and the community to deliver real results for Portland. Our priorities are Spencer's priorities and I know he will put his experience at City Hall to work for all of us. Join me in voting for Spencer this November 5th!”


REP. RICHARD FARNSWORTH, State Rep. for Portland and Stroudwater Resident

“As a member of Portland’s state legislative delegation I have watched Spencer Thibodeau work with his colleagues on the City Council and the City Staff on a number of issues. Throughout his four years on the Council, Spencer has demonstrated that he has the skills, experience and temperament to be an effective and collaborative Mayor.”


MICHAEL BOURQUE, Portland Business Leader and Oakdale Resident

“Spencer’s leadership ability will create a working majority on our Council and lead to initiatives that enable Portland to live up to its promise, to support all of its people, in all parts of the city, from taxpayers to renters, and Portlanders old and new.”


HON. JON HINCK, Former State Representative, Former At-Large City Councilor, and Environmental Activist and Lawyer

“Spencer is collaborative by nature and has the skills and experience to bring city staff, businesses, organizations and other residents together to move Portland forward. I am pleased to support Spencer Thibodeau’s campaign to be the next Mayor of Portland. Join me in voting for Spencer on Election Day on Tuesday, November 5th.”


MARK BALFANTZ, At-Large Portland School Board Member and Deering Center Resident

“I am proud to support Spencer in his journey to be Mayor of his hometown. As a school board member who has worked with Spencer, I know he will work with the Council, School Board, and City Manager to make sure our children and future generations receive a great education and learn in safe, 21st century schools.”


JEANNE SWANTON, Reiche PTO Parent and West End Resident

“Portland’s diverse neighborhood schools and our quality of life are why many choose to start and raise their families here. And as the only candidate who grew up in Portland and went to Portland schools, Spencer Thibodeau will be a strong advocate for our schools as mayor.”


BILL LINNELL, Cap’n Bill’s Small Business Owner and Stroudwater Resident

“Spencer is the change we need in City Hall. I've known his family since his father and I played on the same Little League team. Spencer grew up in Portland, went to Portland schools, and he's very capable and professional. He will be a mayor who can bring people from all walks of life together. Join me and vote Spencer Thibodeau for Mayor on Nov. 5th!”