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Should election day be a holiday? *
Should election day be a holiday?

Maine is one the top states for voter turnout, placing second in the 2016 General Election at 73% turnout and first in 2018 with 65% turnout.

Why stop there? We can always do better.

Maine ranks 6th out of 50 states for having easy access to voting. This is attributed to Maine having same-day voter registration, early voting, and absentee voting, among other things.

While other states have made it harder and harder to vote, Mainers have, time and time again, shown that we believe voting is a civic duty and that we should make it easier for Mainers to exercise the right to elect their representatives and have their voices heard.

Let’s make Election Day a holiday.

There’s a growing movement to make it easier for working families and people to vote by making Election Day a holiday. This will allow Mainers to get out and vote without the added stress of juggling their work schedule. Making Election Day a holiday will also reduce lines and wait time.

What do you think? Should Maine make Election Day a holiday?