Transportation & Infrastructure

Portland is experiencing unprecedented growth and needs to think regionally about how we will meet the infrastructure and transportation needs of today while planning for the needs of tomorrow.

That’s why we need to bring Portland’s transportation infrastructure into the 21st century and invest in making Portland more walkable, more bike-friendly, more resilient, and ensure our public transportation is safe, reliable and ontime for workers and residents young and old.


Improve reliability and frequency

  • Work to improve Metro bus reliability by increasing frequency and reducing wait time for buses

  • Prioritize transit-oriented development along bus routes and traffic corridors to increase ridership and public transit use.

  • Invest in and plan for a regional transportation network that supports all modes of travel, from foot and bike to bus, train and car.

Promoting alternative transportation:

  • Expand Portland’s protected bike lane and pedestrian infrastructure with prioritized investments during the capital improvement planning process with funding targets of $150,000, $200,000, $250,000 and $300,000 for the first 4 years respectively. 

  • Work with large employers to share best practices and incentivize use of Park and Rides, carpooling, biking and public transportation.

  • Establish an annual citywide public transportation and bike to work day.

Thinking Big, Regionally:

  • Plan for future growth and transportation needs by creating a cohesive, well-connected regional transportation system by:

    • Conducting a feasibility study and laying the groundwork for rapid transit for the Greater Portland Metro region. 

    • Working with regional and municipalities to offer employees and residents incentives/bonuses for carpooling and public transportation use.