Growing our Workforce

Portland needs to attract and retain workers of all ages by collaborating with local businesses and community organizations to grow and create good paying jobs and opportunities in a diverse range of industries like healthcare, biomanufacturing, and high-tech.

As Mayor, Spencer will work with the City Manager and the Council to launch public-private partnerships that keeps Portland affordable for workers by: Prioritizing workforce housing; investing in reliable local and regional public transportation to help workers commute; providing our workers access to affordable job and skills training; connecting college students and high school seniors with internships; and working with the Office of Economic Opportunity, to provide economically disadvantaged persons into the workforce through language acquisition and job training programs. 

Launch a 21st Century Workforce initiative 

  • Work with colleges, area high schools, the business community, and organizations such as Jobs for Maine’s Graduates to create a pipeline through which college students and high school seniors are connected to internships right here in Portland.

  • Create a Young Professionals working group that promotes and programs around events and opportunities especially for young professionals, similar to Creative Portland’s work on the arts. 

  • Create or work with existing organizations to launch a Portland specific job board and spearhead an annual citywide job fair marketed to Maine graduates and targeted media markets around the country.

  • Prioritize marketing Portland’s quality of life to recent grads and young professionals both in-state and out-of-state. 

Work with the Office of Economic Opportunity, business community, and community organizations to facilitate the integration of immigrants into our workforce and economy.

  • Supporting language acquisition programs that fit schedules and lifestyles of New Mainers as an economic development program.

  • Partnering with community organizations (YMCA or boys and girls club) to assist new Mainers with childcare so parents can work knowing children are taken care of. 

  • Offer “Doing Business In Portland” trainings in a variety of languages to cover licensing and permitting and inspections, etc. 

  • Partner with businesses and organizations to connect new Mainers to resources to help them get certifications and credentials and prior experience credits for their desired industry (construction, electrician, accounting, etc.).